Mapping Out Project Areas

I recently took some time to map out the main areas of our project based on the guidance I got from a course I’m currently taking. Looking at the whole picture, it definitely seems like there’s a lot of work ahead. But there’s a silver lining—it actually makes sense now why everything has felt so chaotic.

It’s funny how sometimes things seem like they’re not moving at all. It feels like there’s just a little bit to do, but nothing seems to make any progress. Now I realize that it’s not a small amount of work; it’s just spread out across so many areas.

There are so many parts of this project, and by extension, my life, that I need to focus on. By having them all laid out in one schema, it’s easier to see where to put my effort next. The best part is that I can now take one area at a time, focus on it, and work on turning it from a ‘red’ zone into a ‘green’ one.

This newfound clarity is empowering. Instead of being overwhelmed by a perceived lack of progress, I can now tackle each section individually. It’s a game-changer because it turns an overwhelming amount of work into manageable chunks. One step at a time, one task at a time, moving from chaos to clarity.






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